How to Help

Comfort Station Project

The final phase of the establishment of Everyone’s Playground is the addition of an ADA Compliant Comfort-Changing Station/Restroom that will accommodate individuals and their caregivers while insuring complete privacy for each. This Comfort Station is specifically designed for those with special needs, physical disabilities, and other cognitive challenges. The Comfort Station will provide the latest in personal needs equipment in an ADA mandated sanitary environment.

Every consideration was given to the safety and convenience of the user in a friendly and home-like surrounding. The Comfort Station location is within steps of Everyone’s Playground, a picnic pavilion, fresh drinking water, and comfortable “Buddy Benches” snuggled among a grove of beautiful shade trees. 

The Comfort Station is equally family friendly and enhances the ambiance of Everyone’s Playground. 

In order to reach our goal of $80,000 we need your help! Below are the sponsorship and donation opportunities. 

Sponsorship Opportunities:

  • Building Naming Rights – $15,000 (multi-year pledge, payments available)
  • Infrastructure Systems – $6,000 (plumbing, electrical, water, air filtration)
  • Adult Changing Stations (2) – $4,000 each
  • Child Changing Stations (2) – $1,800 each
  • Soap, Handwashing & Dryer Sinks (2) – $4,700 each
  • Electric Hand Sanitizers (2) – $600 each
  • Refrigerated Water Bottle Filler – $1,200
  • Landscaping – $3,000
  • Concrete Sanitary Waste Containers (4) – $400 each


Sensory Play Panels Sponsorship Opportunities:

A sensory play panel provides innovative sensory experiences insuring that children of all abilities enjoy exciting and challenging fun, while engaging their senses, thus further supporting their overall development. Sensory play panels also identify numerous ways of enhancing cognitive, sensory, motor, emotional, social, language skills and the perception of touch while they play and explore new sights and sounds.

  • Animal Tunes (features 6 different songs with realistic animal sound effects) – $5,000
  • Rhythm Spinner (plays 10 songs by spinning a dial and can record voice and playback) – $5,000
  • Chimes Banner (single chime with two different sounds) – $3,500
  • Post Mount Bell (one unique tone for each of four size bells) – $3,000


Paver Bricks for Walkway:

  • LEVEL ONE: 4×8 brick with up to 3 lines of engraving with maximum of 15 characters per line including spaces and punctuation – $100
  • LEVEL TWO: 8×8 brick with up to 3 lines of engraving with maximum of 15 characters per line including spaces and punctuation – $150