Dear Everyone’s Playground…

“Everyone’s Playground is the epitome of an all inclusive playground. Literally, from the ground up it is designed to make sure that individuals of all abilities can play and be active. The smooth surfacing, adaptive equipment, and bright colors provide a physical and sensory experience that is typically inaccessible to children like our Nola. Each time we visit her grandparents, we look forward to taking her there!

Many parents take for granted that their children will be able to run and play everywhere they go. We can’t do that. We have to pre plan and map things out to make sure Nola will be able to participate in an activity. Often, we are unable to take her places because they just aren’t accessible. It is difficult for her to watch other kids play, while she has to sit out. Places like Everyone’s Playground put children on an even playing field — differences in ability fade away for a bit, and they can just be kids. As a parent (and grandparents) this is priceless.” – Kellie Flock Byrne, North Carolina

Pictured: Nola Byrne – daughter of Kellie Byrne – at Everyone’s Playground