The Selinsgrove Area Chamber of Commerce has endorsed and is financially supporting the current Everyone’s Playground fund drive to construct an ADA Compliant Comfort Station at the popular specifically designed recreation facility for those with special needs, cognitive challenges other disabilities, as well as typical individuals. Located at the East Penn Township Recreation Complex on University Avenue, Selinsgrove, the Playground was opened in 2019 and has become an acclaimed destination point throughout the Susquehanna Valley region.

IN PHOTO, L – R: Helen Walter, Proprietor, The Cottage on Pine Antiques, and President of the Selinsgrove Area Chamber of Commerce; Augustus Walter and Evelyn Moore, active participants at Everyone’s Playground, Simona Napoli Lovik, Owner/Manager of Dairy Queen and Chair of the Andy Russell Central PA Advisory Council, and Jayme Hilsher-Sherman, Marketing and Advertising Specialist, Hilsher Graphics, South Williamsport, and member of the Andy Russell Central PA Advisory Council.

According to Helen Walter, President, Selinsgrove Area Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber was instrumental in encouraging the concept of the Playground and took a supportive role in helping generate funds for the construction of the site. “Our members felt the addition of a safe space play area for those with special needs and other disabilities would further add to the quality of life we enjoy throughout our greater Selinsgrove area and provide enjoyment not otherwise available for those with varying levels of ability. My grandson has a Cochlear implant, and while not physically disabled, the Playground is still a welcoming, comfortable and friendly environment for him and one he enjoys on his frequent visits” Ms. Walter commented.

Simona Napoli Lovik, Chair of the area Russell Charitable Foundation Advisory Council, indicated that Evelyn Moore, 6, the daughter of Jeffe and Tessa Moore, is one of the most enthusiastic visitors to the Playground and referred to her as a sort of “Playground Ambassador.” According to Lovik, “Evelyn is an amazing little girl with an infectious personality, a laugh and smile that simply embraces all who come in contact with her. She absolutely lights up your day and in my opinion is the true epitome of what Everyone’s Playground is about and represents.”

Jayme Hilsher-Sherman noted the Russell Charitable Foundation Advisory Council has undertaken an $80,000 community wide fund drive in order to construct an ADA Compliant Comfort Station/Rest Room adjacent to the Playground. “This project is in response to numerous requests from parents, caregivers, community volunteers and other interested citizens” she said.

When constructed the Comfort Station will accommodate two individuals and their caregivers, while insuring complete privacy for each. Following ADA guidelines, and Department of Natural Resources and Conservation environmental/green disciplines, the Comfort Station has been specifically designed for those with special needs, physical disabilities and other cognitive challenges.

Located within steps of Everyone’s Playground it is also convenient to a family oriented picnic pavilion, fresh drinking water, and 14 new comfortable “Buddy Benches” snuggled among a welcoming grove of beautiful shade trees. The facility is equally family friendly and as such provides a pleasant, safe, daily inspected and hygienic rest room.